About Me

Ronja Dill, 3D Designer

Hi, my name is Ronja Dill and I am a 3D designer.

My passion for the 3D world started Anno 2016 with a program called Blender. Fascinated by the endless possibilities that 3D development offered me, I quickly learned the many areas and facets in dealing with 3D models.

My enthusiasm for it was so great that I participated in a course with AutoDesk's Maya in 2018, and successfully graduated in 2020 with the title "Certified 3D Designer".

In the following years, I took various courses to consolidate and further expand my knowledge. Always driven by curiosity and enjoying my work, I have now made it my goal to create 3D assets for you, to make your own world come true.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me and we can start bringing your world to life.