In the beginning it is just a spark, an idea or a dream. A tingling in the fingers, like an artist in front of a blank canvas. Infinite possibilities, the freedom to create anything you can imagine, and the drive to do it, gradually form the imagination.
Let's make this imagination come true.

-Ronja Dill, 3D ArtistFantasy Haven Logo

Why Fantasy Haven Assets?


Match your style

Low-poly or high-poly, colorful or gloomy, your assets will be whatever you need them to be!
If you wish, I can also adapt your assets directly to your preferred game engine.


From idea to model

Regardless of whether you already have an idea or if you want us to find it together: I create preliminary sketches, prototypes and finally your finished object.


Extensive advice

Whether you've worked with 3D objects before or you're a complete beginner, I'll give you comprehensive advice on the possibilities and options to make your project turn out the way you want it to!

Where do I get Assets?

Assets for the Unity Software

If you're developing your Game with the Unity software, check out my Assets on the Unity Asset Store.

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Contact me

If you want your own, unique assets, contact me and we can start!

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You can also buy my assets on! Check out my Assets on!.

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